The history and path of our ACT prep program

Our Mission

Our goal to transform the trajectory of the students with which we work. We use the ACT as a means to teach students the formula to be successful at anything: attitude, schedule, goals, and commitment. We then prepare them with the skills and the knowledge they will need to be successful at this. The combination of these tied in with an academic coach to lead students through the journey is why we will one day have the best ACT program anywhere. We believe we will have accomplished this within the year.

Our vision for Knoxville is to put us on the national and world map for ACT scores. In 2014, Knox county averaged a 20.4 composite ACT score putting us in the bottom quarter of the nation. Only 23 percent of students who took the test in Knox County met the four college readiness benchmarks. We are going to do our part to change this. 

More than just helping those who struggle become proficient, we help those who have excelled achieve new levels of success. There are few things more exciting in our job then seeing a student achieve their first 30 and above. The beauty of our job is that, though it is our long term goal to have a Knoxville wide impact, we have to change a lot of individual's lives to be able to do that. That is the fun part. 

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