Guaranteed Scholarships!Outlier's Advantage: ACT Prep Academy

                So many parents are not aware of the guaranteed scholarship model that most colleges are now using. If you haven't heard about them, we would like to bring you into the know! There is no longer a need for students to fill out tons of applications and spend crazy amounts of hours applying for scholarships. All students need to do is have a certain GPA and ACT score and they are guaranteed a predetermined amount of money at many college. 

                Now that most colleges have gone test optional, these guaranteed scholarships will become even more important. No one knows for sure the way this will play out, but here is what looks likely right now. Students who submit ACT scores and meet the requirements will receive the guaranteed scholarship money. Whatever is left will be in competition with almost every other student who applies to that college. 

                  Every point on the ACT is worth (on average) $2,500 in additional scholarship dollars (over four years). Every year, we assemble two scholarship guides that we call It Pays to Prep: Tennessee and It Pays to Prep: America. These make it simple to find the scholarship students are eligible for in an easy to read format. Families simply need to look down the left hand column to find the student’s GPA and ACT score to find the scholarships they are eligible for and what it would take to get to the next level. You may be surprised how big some of the scholarships are for minimal requirements. For example, Maryville College awards $19,000 per year ($76,000 over four years) to students with a 19 on the ACT (with no GPA requirement). 

You can find both versions of It Pays to Prep via these links:

It Pays to Prep: Tennessee

It Pays to Prep: America