2017 Outliers-Advantage-Bracket-Championship-round

Several high school clubs and sports teams from Knox County competed to win $500. They all submitted one-minute videos talking about their organizations and what they would do with the $500 if they won. After fierce competition, Bearden Soccer won out. However, you can still support these organizations by watching their video and contributing to any causes that touch you. We hope you enjoy their videos as much as we did.

We will be back for the second annual March Madness in the Spring of 2018.

Outlier's Advantage March Madness Competition



Outlier’s Advantage is hosting a month long competition to give away $500 to one lucky high school club, organization, or sports team. Clubs will submit a 1-minute video describing what their organization would do with the money. We will post the videos on our Facebook page and announce the match-ups. Then, starting March 14, clubs will go head to head against one other club in Knox County to see who can get the most votes via likes on their video. The winning club of each match-up will go against one of the other clubs until there is only one champion on April 3rd.

Who can enter:

Any Knox County high school club, team, or organization officially recognized by its school and has a club adviser or coach. There are NO costs to participate.

Deadline to submit applications and videos:

March 8, 2017

Voting Begins:

March 14, 2017

Voting Ends:

April 3, 2017

How to Win:

Video with the most “Likes” advances to the next round. The winner of the last round on April 3rd wins the $500.

How to Participate


  1. Be an officially recognized Knox County High School club, organization, or team with a club adviser or coach. For simplicity, these three groups will simply be referred to as “club” for the remainder of these instructions.
  2. Each club will make a one-minute video on how the club would use the $500 if won.
  3. Each club will submit an application (found below) and submit a video to KnoxACTprep@gmail.com for approval by March 8.
  4. Each club’s video will be paired against another club from a different high school (whenever possible) in the form of a March Madness bracket.
  5. Brackets will be released on Selection Sunday (March 12).
  6. Videos will then be posted at 10 am the day of each clubs competition. Voting will end at 10 pm the following day. We will follow the normal March Madness round dates.
  7. When voting begins on March 14, anyone can vote for their favorite club by liking that club’s video on the Outlier’s Advantage Facebook page.
  8. To get an additional vote for the video, anyone can like the Outlier’s Advantage Facebook page and then send a message noting which video should receive their “Like.” (Likes that come in this form advance through every round, while likes on the video will restart every round).
  9. Whichever video has the most “Likes” of their match-up advances to the next round.
  10. This process continues until the championship round on April 3, 2017, between the final two clubs.
  11. The winning club will receive the $500 in the month of April at a date and time that works for both Outlier’s Advantage staff and the club.




Click here to download the application for March Madness Competition

You can also copy and paste the application from below.

Application for March Madness Competition


Your Name:

Your Email Address:

Best contact phone number for you:

Your school:

Your club/organization/team name:

Your title within your organization:

What does your organization do?


Organization website:

Organization Facebook page:

Organization twitter:

Number of active members in your organization (guess):

Name of your organization's adviser/coach:

Adviser/coach email address:

Adviser/coach phone number:


Short (1-4 sentences) explanation of what your organization will use the $500 for if they win. (This will be posted with your video on Facebook):


Please send this application with your video to KnoxACTprep@gmail.com . If you have not completed your video, you can send the video later. All applications and videos must be to this email address by March 8.