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Outlier's Advantage March Madness Challenge


What: Win $1000 for your school club, sports team, or organization by creating a one-minute video about what your club would do with $1000. Every round, students will go head to head against another school club in the greater Knoxville area. The video with the most Facebook likes advances to the next round. All teams who make it to the final four will win $100. The teams who make it to the championship round will win $300. The team who wins the championship round will win $1000 total. 


Who: Any high school club, team, or organization in the greater Knoxville area that is officially recognized by its school and has a club adviser or coach. There are NO costs to participate.

When: The deadline to submit your application and video is February 20. Starting February 28, we will post videos on our Facebook page, and clubs will battle for likes to advance to the next bracket. The club whose video has the most likes advances to the next round. The championship round starts April 3.

How to Enter: Applications can be found on the bottom of this page. Submit your application and one-minute video to KnoxACTprep@gmail.com.

How It Works

How to Participate:

Be an officially recognized high school club, team, or organization in the greater Knoxville area (Knoxville, Alcoa, Oak Ridge, Clinton). For simplicity, these three groups will simply be referred to as “club” for the remainder of these instructions.

Each club will make a one-minute video on how the club would use the $1000 if won.

Each club will fill out an application (found below) and submit a one-minute video for approval by February 20. Seeding will be done on a first come, first seed basis (with the exception of if we need to move two clubs from the same school to a different bracket). We accept a maximum of four teams per school. These will be determined on a first come basis.

Each club’s video will be paired against another club from a different high school (whenever possible) in the form of a March Madness bracket.

Brackets will be released on Sunday, February 25. They will announce the start and end times of each competition.

Videos will then be posted at noon the day of each club’s competition. Voting lasts between one to three days depending on the round.

When voting begins on February 28, anyone can vote for their favorite club.

Whichever video has the most likes between the two competing clubs advances to the next round. All likes must be on the video we post on our Facebook page. Likes on shared posts will not be counted.

Voters can give a second vote by liking our Facebook page. These second votes will carry over to each subsequent round. If someone who likes the video has already liked our page, this will automatically be counted as two votes. We will simply go through the list of people who liked the video and add a second vote if they have also liked our Facebook page.

This process continues until the championship round on April 3 between the final two clubs.

The winning clubs will receive money in the month of April at a date and time that works for both Outlier’s Advantage: ACT Prep Academy staff and the club.


There is no way for clubs to stop their voters from buying likes or other means of unfair play. Therefore, we reserve the right to not count any votes we believe to be counterfeit or purchased votes. We will do this with good faith to the best of our ability. It is possible we will accidentally not count some votes that are legitimate. Regardless, our decision will be final.

There is also the possibility that other forms of cheating may present themselves throughout the competition. We reserve the right to change certain rules during the course of the competition to account for the situation. We will always make every team aware of rule changes that may affect them.

WE WILL NEVER DISQUALIFY A TEAM OR DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD BRING SHAME ON THE ORGANIZATION. Any situations will be dealt with via the club advisor and our staff only.

By submitting an application, clubs are agreeing to this understanding.



Click here to download the application for March Madness Competition

You can also copy and paste the application from below.

Application for March Madness Challenge

Due February 20


Email address:

Best contact phone number:

Your school:

Your club/team/organization name:

Your title within your club:

What does your club do?


Club website:

Club Facebook page:

Club twitter:

Number of active members in your club (estimate):

Name of your club’s adviser/coach:

Adviser/coach email address:

Adviser/coach phone number:

Short (1-4 sentences) explanation of what your club will use the $1000 for if you win.



Please send this application with your video to KnoxACTprep@gmail.com. If you have not completed your video, you can send the video separate from your application. All applications and videos must be submitted to the above email address by February 20.

Winning Team's Video from Last Year