Final Bracket 2018

Outlier's Advantage: March Madness Challenge

12 high school clubs and sports teams from Knox and Anderson Counties competed to win their part of $1700. They all submitted one-minute videos talking about their organizations and what they would do with the grand prize of $1000 if they won. After fierce competition, Gibbs Project Unify won first place and $1000. Farragut Track and Field came in 2nd winning $300. Catholic Fight for Life and Farragut Softball came in 3rd winning $100 each. And, ACHS Spanish Club, West Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, and HVA Latin Club all tied for 4th, winning $50 each. However, you can still support these organizations by watching their video and contributing to any causes that touch you. We hope you enjoy their videos as much as we did.

We will be back for the third annual March Madness in the Spring of 2019.


The videos!

Gibbs Project Unify: 1st Place


Farragut Track and Field: 2nd Place 

Catholic Fight for Life: 3rd Place


Farragut Softball: 3rd Place


West Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy: 4th Place


Anderson County High School Spanish Club: 4th Place


HVA Latin Club: 4th Place


L & N Junior Classic League


Karns Musical Theater


Catholic Hope for Haiti


Farragut Mu Alpha Theta


Anderson County High School Code Breakers