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More than 90% of students who complete this program achieve at least a 6-point increase or a 32 superscore.

31+ Guaranteed Program


Our 31+ Guaranteed Program has limited seats remaining.

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ACT Prep is the only thing we do, and we’ve got it down to a science.

We are the ONLY program in America where more than seventy percent of students who do what we ask achieve at least a five-point composite increase or at least a 32 superscore. Five-point increases are just the beginning. Scroll down to see our awesome alumni!

more than90%

of students who complete this program achieve at least:


composite increase



ACT superscore

Why choose

01Proven Results

Of the students who complete this program:

90% achieve a 6pt increase or a 32.

60% achieve at least an 8 point increase on reading

50% achieve at least a 29 superscore.

30% achieve a 10pt increase or a 36 in English.

02Score Guarantee

For students starting with a 25 or above, we guarantee at least a 31 superscore. For students staring below a 25, we guarantee at least a 6 point composite increase.

03Apprenticeship Model

  • All coaches scored in the top 1% in the world on their ACT
  • Every student gets a one-on-one get to know each other Zoom orientation with their coach
  • Coaches are daily in tune with how their students are doing between sessions
  • Coaches are available throughout the week to answer questions, give feedback, and help them progress towards their goals
  • Every program is custom designed for the student and can be modified during the program as needed.

04More than just ACTprep

  • Advanced study techniques
  • Life success skills & philosophy
  • Build grammar and math foundations to a world class level from the ground up
  • Character building: can you do what you say you will when it gets tough?

Program Comparison

Core Programs31+ Guaranteed
Who is this program recommended for?All studentsStudents who desire a six point composite increase and greater.
Expected Increase5 points6+ points
Hours of Live Instruction Available26-3396+
Expected Increase5 points6+ points
Workload1.5-2 Hours Per Day, 6 Days Per Week1 hour per day, 5 days per week
Scheduled Full Mock ACT Tests3One Per Month Available
Access to QuantumACTprep.com6 months
One year
Money Back GuaranteeSatisfaction GuaranteeIncrease Guarantee

When should students do this program?

Students can begin this program at any point. They do not need to wait to complete algebra 2 and geometry because we have enough time to teach them those subjects. Every year, we have freshman score 34s and above.

It is ideal to start the program when students can do 1.5 hours of prep per day, six days per week for 13 weeks. However, this is not a requirement to achieve a 6-point composite increase.

Students in this program can take off as many weeks or even months as they need to over the year. When they are doing the program, they are expected to maintain one hour per day, five days per week of prep time.

Who should do this program?

Students who desire a 6-point composite increase and have the willingness to put in the work. Students who are able to devote more than 3 months to ACT prep. This is a year long program, but most students just work until they hit their goal score, which does not usually take the full year.

Are there any prior recommendations for the program?

Yes, it is highly recommended students take an official ACT prior to the start of the program. However, if they cannot do this, we do have other means of helping them get a base score.

There is about four to six hours of work for students to do PRIOR to the first day of class. This includes things they need to read, apps the need to download, doing an orientation with their coach, and preparing for a quiz that will happen on the first day of class. After you sign up, an enrollment coordinator will reach out to you to help students get all of this done. However, please budget this time to ensure the student is set up for success.

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