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Outlier's Advantage 13-week ACT prep program scholarship

This is an opportunity for a hard-working student who does not have the financial means to afford expert ACT coaching. The student who receives this scholarship will have all costs covered for our 13-week ACT prep program. All applicants who are not chosen will be sent a free self-prep guide to help them work towards their goal ACT score.

About Outlier's Advantage

What we are:

We are a human development organization.

The problem we solve:

Schools are not designed to TRAIN students how to be successful.

Primary objective:

Our goal is to be a world-class life success and leadership program for students.

The problem we solve:

Schools are not designed to TRAIN students how to be successful.

How we currently solve this problem:

We TRAIN students in skills and success principles to be successful in college and beyond.

We use the ACT as our main means to teach and practice these skills and principles.

Though higher ACT scores are a great immediate result, we are more interested in the way the student must grow to achieve his or her goal.


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About Outlier's Advantage 13-week ACT Prep Program:

This program is designed for students who want to score a 28 or above on the ACT. It is a challenging, 13-week program designed for students who want to do what it takes to win


this test and in life. We bring together the best of the best from Knox County to push together towards a common goal. It is amazing what can be accomplished when you have a group of highly motivated students with specific goals who are all working together to help each other achieve those goals.

In our program, students will learn advanced (yet simple) techniques for goal setting, top-performance mental game, performing under pressure, focusing on mastery before moving to the next step, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, embracing failure and embarrassment as part of learning, time management, memorization, teaching yourself anything, thinking bigger, self-talk, and planning for success. We also rebuild grammar and math foundations, improve reading speed and comprehension, and simplify reasoning skills.

The program is designed for maximum engagement. Each class is broken up into two teams. Each team has a team leader who was a successful student from a past class. This is the team captain, and he or she is there to help lead the team to victory over the other team in the class each week. The way the team wins is by having the most students on that team go above and beyond on their personal goals for that week. This way, everyone is encouraged to do his or her part during weekly prep because it affects more than just themselves. The team captains are also engaged on a one-on-one level. Every student texts in his or her goals every single day to the team captain. The team captain is responsible for looking over these goals, giving custom advice, motivating, and focusing almost every single day of the three months of the program. Our president and founder, Bobby Nicholson, is the instructor/


coach for all of our classes.

The program only works if the students do, but the results speak for themselves. As of this year, we have had different students get a 16-point increase on the English (from a 17-33), a 16-point increase on the Reading (from a 17 – 33), a 16-point increase on the Science (15-31), and a 9-point increase on the Math (from an 18-27). We also had 2 students get an 8-point composite increase (from a 22-30 and a 25-33) and one student


a 12-point composite increase (from a 21-33). 82% of students have increased by 3 composite points or more. Almost 40% of students have increased their English by at least 8 points. Just shy of 40% of students have increased their reading by at least 5 points. More than 40% of students increased their science and math by at least 4 points, and although less than 15% of students start with a 28 or above, more than half of all of our students this year have ended with a 28 or above.


About the scholarship


Requirements of Applicants:

  1. 3.5 or above weighted GPA
  2. an official ACT score from this year (The score does not matter. We just need a baseline score.)
  3. completed or be currently enrolled in both Algebra 2 and Geometry
  4. receive free or reduced lunch
  5. have a teacher or administrator vouch that he or she has excellent academic work ethic (The teacher or administrator does NOT need to write a letter of recommendation. We will reach out to the teacher or the administrator if the student is a finalist.)
  6. plan on starting at a four-year college or university (There is little to no advantage in getting a higher ACT score if the student plans on doing TN Achieves. TN Achieves students can use the free summer bridge program to test out of transitional classes.)
  7. available transportation to our class each week on Monday nights from 6:30-8:30 from January 15th to April 2nd (We simply do not have the means to provide transportation for students.)
  8. It is required that the student attends at least 11 of the 13 classes.
  9. The following dates are mandatory: January 15th, February 12th, March 19th, and March 26th.
  10. The student must also attend the Mock ACT on Saturday, March 17th from 8:45-1:30 at the University of Tennessee.
  11. sign up for and take (pay for on his or her own or use a voucher) the April 14th ACT
  12. All applicants must submit a one-minute video convincing us of these three things:
  13. The applicant has a successful academic history.
  14. The applicant is a role model to his or her peers.
  15. The applicant will do his or her best to be an exemplary student in our program.
  16. All applicants must be able to make the following commitments that are required of all students (scholarship and non-scholarship) who do our program:
  17. be honest
  18. be coachable
  19. be committed to the following:
  20. Texting in his or her goals every single day of the program (This is explained in detail in the class and takes less than one minute per day to do).
  21. 1 hour per day MINIMUM of working on ACT prep homework per day (with one day off per week) (The best students in our program do 1.5-2 hours per day.)
  22. Completing the program (Our program is challenging. Most students want to quit at some point. He or she must commit to complete the program regardless of how he or she feels. If the student isn’t committed to doing what it takes to get a higher score, this program is not a good option for him or her. In the last two years, we have only had 2 students quit. All students are capable of making it. It is just a matter of how committed the student is to follow through with his or her prep.)
  23. Keeping a “find-a-way” attitude (This means that students are responsible for their scores. If students simply go through the motions, they will not increase their scores. Students have to fight to find a way up, over, around, or straight through whatever obstacles are in their way of getting their goal score.)

The criterion we will use to choose the winner:

  1. Who is most likely to be successful in our program?
  2. Who has worked the hardest and the smartest up to this point to set themselves up for success in life?
  3. Who is trying their best to live his or her life as a great person?

Deadline to submit application and video:

December 12, 2017

The winner will be announced:

December 20, 2017



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Click here to download the scholarship application

You can also copy and paste the application from below.

- First and last name:

- Email address:

- Best contact phone number for you:

- School:

- What is the name and email address of the teacher or school administrator who is recommending you? (This person does NOT need to write a letter of recommendation. If you are a finalist, we will reach out to this person to verify that they are vouching for your work ethic)


- Year in school:

- Weighted GPA (we require a 3.5 GPA or above):

- Current ACT composite score (all applicants must have already taken the ACT):

- What are your current sub-scores?  English:                Math:                 Science:                  Reading:

- What is your goal composite score?

- Which colleges are your top 3 choices?

- Which AP or IB classes have you taken, and what did you score on the AP exams for them?

- How many books have you read for fun (not assigned) in your lifetime? (circle one)

less than 50, between 50 to 100, more than 100

- Are you on free or reduced lunch at school? (If not, do you have a teacher or administrator who will vouch that you do not have the financial means to afford our program?)


If you are chosen for this scholarship, can we count on you to do each of the following? (Please type or write yes or no after each one.)

  1. Get transportation to and from our offices every Monday night for the class? (We are located at 9111 Cross Park Dr., Knoxville, TN 37923 in the Cedar Bluff area).
  2. Do a minimum of one hour per day of the assigned ACT prep homework with one day off each week for the three months you are in the program?
  3. Text in your goals every day to your academic coach for the three months you are in the program? (We make the goals. You simply need to fill them in every day and send them in. It takes less than one minute per day, but all students in our program make this commitment.)
  4. Be honest or rat yourself out if at some point you are dishonest?
  5. Be coachable. This simply means that you will be open-minded to do things the way we ask you to do them, or you will at least communicate to us that you don’t plan on doing them the way we ask. Can we count on this form you?
  6. Complete the program. You will most likely want to quit at some point. This program is more challenging than an AP or IB class that Knox County offers. You will get frustrated, unintelligent, and think you are not going to be able to hit your goals. We need all students to commit to completing the program regardless of what self-limiting beliefs come up during the program. If you are selected, can we count on you to follow through with the program? This doesn’t just mean that you come to class. It means that you will continue keeping all of the commitments you made throughout the duration on the 13 weeks to the best of your ability. Can we count on that from you?
  7. Keep a “find-a-way “attitude. This means that you are responsible for your score on the ACT. This test covers almost 10 years’ worth of material in four different subjects. There is no way we can teach you everything you need to learn to hit your goals on this test. The vast majority of what you learn in this program will be you teaching yourself between sessions. This way we can focus our time together in class just on the stuff you could not figure out on your own. This also means that you are going to face lots of obstacles throughout the course of the 13 weeks. Life is going to happen. You will lose your motivation. You will have all sorts of self-limiting beliefs arise, and you will most likely stop believing that you will be able to hit your goals. Regardless of what happens, if you want to be successful at this (or any challenging thing) you’ve got to fight to find a way up, over, around, or straight through whatever obstacle it is that gets in the way of hitting your goals. Can we count on you to keep a find-a-way attitude to the best of your ability for the three months that you are in the program, and if at some point you lose that attitude, can we count on YOU to get it back?


Please send this application with your video to KnoxACTprep@gmail.com . If you have not completed your video, you can send the video later. All applications and videos must be to this email address by December 12th.