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Vote for Farragut Cheer or Bearden Cheer to win $5,000. All you need to do is like the video you want to vote for. Whichever team gets the most likes between 3/8 at noon ET to 3/9 at noon ET wins $100 and advances to the next round!

If you have ever liked/followed our Facebook page, your vote counts for two! If you've not liked/followed our Facebook page, go ahead and do so to make your vote counts for two for the rest of the tournament!

The videos will not appear until their scheduled start time.

Disclaimer: Votes from newly created facebook accounts will not count. Therefore, if you do not have a facebook account, please use your time convincing others to vote for your video! Purchased likes will also not count, so please don't waste your money!

(If the above video is not allowing you to like it, here is a direct link to the video on Facebook: facebook page)