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How to Beat ACT Reading!

This is a recording of a parent seminar we held in September 2023 on the Crucial Aspects of College Admissions That Parents Learn Too Late.

In this video, Bobby Nicholson discusses

  • The ever-changing world of scholarships and offers guidance on how students can fully leverage these opportunities.
  • The dilemma of students who have high GPAs but low ACT scores. Bobby reveals actionable strategies that can be adopted throughout middle school and high school to improve these scores.
  • Structured middle school and high school timelines curated for top-performing students, providing a clear path to academic success.
  • Frequent mistakes students make during the college admissions process and how to avoid them.

Bobby also addresses various questions from the audience, offering personalized insights and expert advice. Whether you’re seeking information on scholarships, ACT scores, high school planning, or other college admissions topics, this video is a treasure trove of knowledge. Equip yourself with the insights needed to support your child’s successful journey to college.

The Crucial Aspects of College Admissions That Parents Learn Too Late

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