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2023’s Annual Benefit Report

By May 1, 2024May 5th, 2024No Comments A Public Benefit Corporation

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we operate as a for-profit company, but we also pursue a public benefit purpose listed on our certificate of incorporation. This purpose is intended to provide societal benefits beyond shareholder financial returns.

Vision for

We see ourselves as primarily a leadership and life development organization. Our ACT prep program equips individuals with the essentials for achieving challenging goals, while our Assistant Coaching program focuses on learning how to guide others to success. Our Academic Coaching program cultivates skills necessary for leading leaders, and our Lead Coach program lays the groundwork for effective organizational management. Through our business incubator, we empower former coaches to use their acquired knowledge to create companies focused on human development. Our vision is to evolve into a global network of human development organizations, each deeply rooted in their local communities.

We are a team of very different people with diverse worldviews. However, we have one uniting belief: We treat people right. This means that we keep the best interest of the people we are interacting with in mind when making decisions that affect them. This applies to customers, coworkers, and, to the best of our abilities, our lives as a whole.

We exist to help students transform the trajectory of their lives by fostering belief, building character, and training them in skill sets to achieve their goals in life. To be as effective at this as we can be, we strive to lead by example in our own life. To us, this means living a life we love, making decisions that empower others to live lives they love, and avoiding decisions that hinder others from doing so.


We help students transform the trajectory of their lives by fostering belief, building character, and training them in skill sets to achieve their goals in life.

Our uniting belief:

We treat people right.

Our Core Values:

  • We treat people right.
  • We do what we say we will do or do what we can to make it right.
  • We are open to being wrong. Changing one’s mind is one of the highest virtues. We have a deep desire to find the areas we are wrong and to change our minds when we are. We desire open critique from coworkers of every level in a private setting.
  • Forgiveness culture: We believe in giving many chances for renewal if we think that individual is making a good faith attempt to make things right.
  • Family-friendly: We aim to build a community that is a great environment to raise kids.
  • We have thick skin: We have fun, joke around, curse, rag on each other’s ideologies, and aim to have an environment where people can be themselves.

Our Practices:

  • We believe in the freedom of employees. We want our employees to be able to create their own lives.
    • Freedom of schedule – Employees have the freedom to choose their own schedules, projects, locations, number of hours, etc. They can take off work whenever they choose as long as they fulfill their responsibilities.
    • Freedom of location – Most of our positions can be done remotely
    • Financial Freedom – Long-term employees have the ability to create residual income to free up their time or build wealth.
  • We are a for-purpose entity: To help us stay focused on our mission instead of short-term profits, we aim never to be beholden to shareholders who are not directly committed to our mission and values.
  • We maintain a “find-a-way” attitude in all of our objectives.
  • We practice Extreme Ownership. We go above and beyond to figure out what we can do differently to solve issues downstream of us instead of blaming others.
  • We prioritize hiring from within our alumni base.
  • We avoid gossip. We go to the individual when we have a problem.
  • Accountability: As much as possible, our products and services are backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • The best, cheapest, or fastest in the world or niche: We will only start companies for which we believe we can become the best, cheapest, or fastest in a particular niche.

2023 Annual Benefit Report

Academic Achievements:

  • ACT Excellence: We assisted 21 students in achieving a perfect score of 36 on at least one section of the ACT.
  • Remarkable Gains: Our programs enabled:
    • 9 students to achieve composite score increases of 9 points or more.
    • 17 students to see gains of 8 points or more.
    • 28 students to improve by 7 points or more.
    • 41 students to enhance their scores by 6 points or more.
  • Specialized Success in English: 78 students achieved an increase of 8 points or more on the English section.

Community Support:

  • We contributed $10,950 to 51 high school clubs and sports teams, fostering an environment that encourages extracurricular excellence.

Educational Outreach:

  • College Admissions 101: A total of 646 parents signed up for our free seminars, gaining valuable insights into the college admissions process.
  • Mock ACT Events: 296 students signed up for our free Mock ACT events, gaining firsthand experience and preparation for the actual exams.