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Welcome to the sixth annual Club Madness Challenge. This year we have 33 teams from 17 high schools across Tennessee competing to win a portion of more than $8,400 of prize money.

Teams go up against one other team for 24 hours (from noon (ET) to noon) to get the most votes for their video. Every round they win gets them $100 more. The team that wins six matches wins the $5,000 grand prize, plus an additional $1,000 of fun-only money for the advisor.

Every team is guaranteed a minimum of $50. Here is how it works:

0 wins = $50

1 win = $100 (total)

2 wins = $200 (total)

3 wins = $300 (total)

4 wins = $400 (total)

5 wins = $5,000 (grand prize)

Starting on March 5th, the first teams will compete. After that, matchups will occur almost every weekday (Monday-Thursday) until the championship on May 16th. So stop back by once per day to vote for your favorite teams.

To vote, all you need to do is scroll below to find the teams competing today. Then, click on the hyperlinked team name you want to vote for to go directly to their video. Like their video to add a vote. If you have ever liked/followed our Facebook page, your vote counts for two! If you've not liked/followed our Facebook page, go ahead and do so to make your vote count for two for the rest of the tournament!

Disclaimer: Votes from newly created Facebook accounts will not count. Therefore, if you do not have a Facebook account, please use your time convincing others to vote! Purchased likes will also not count, so please don't waste your money!

Elite 8

On the day of their event, we will hyperlink their name to take you directly to their video. However, the hyperlinks will not work until their event begins.

April 24-25 (noon to noon (ET))

Farragut Cheer Team Vs. Stone Memorial Panther Tales

April 25-26 (noon to noon (ET))

White Station Key Club Vs. Humble Wrestling Team


Click here to see the full competition schedule.