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How to Beat ACT Reading!

Many students are taught techniques that may actually be detrimental to their scores, such as skimming, always guessing ‘C,’ reading questions before reading the passage, and trying to finish the test. The list goes on. To guide students onto a more effective path, we plan to release recordings of our classes. Each new release will replace the previous one, so the availability of each recording will be limited!

We will start with a video on the ACT reading section—timely for those preparing for the June ACT. This section not only shows the fastest rate of improvement among students but is also the easiest section in which to achieve a perfect score of 36, requiring the least amount of preparation. Nearly one out of every three students who complete our program either improves by at least eight points or achieves a 36 on the reading section. If you know students anywhere in the country who might benefit from such an improvement, your help in spreading the word about this recording would be much appreciated!

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