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If you haven't heard of, we highly recommend checking them out! Their recently released report examines over 53,000 undergraduate, associate, certificate, and graduate programs to calculate the return on investment (ROI).

Here are two interesting findings about ROI for Bachelor's programs:

  • 23% of bachelor's degrees have a negative ROI. This means that graduates from these programs, on average, earn less over their lifetimes than individuals with only a high school diploma. This takes into account the cost of tuition and the opportunity cost of spending four years in school.
  • 13% of bachelor's degrees have a million-dollar or more ROI, assuming on-time graduation.

Using the tool embedded below, you can identify programs that are a good investment and avoid those that are not, helping your students choose programs that will enable them to support their families.

Choosing the Right College and Program's findings highlight some crucial considerations:

  • Trade Schools: These can sometimes be more lucrative than college degrees. For more on this topic, we recommend reading the full report, which you can find here. You can also use the tool below by filtering the "Credential Type" to "Certificate."
  • Institution Choice: The school your student chooses can significantly impact their financial future. Filter by "Field of Study" to compare how much graduates with the same degree earn from different schools. Earnings can vary greatly, sometimes doubling immediately after graduation based on the institution attended. This decision will profoundly influence many aspects of your student's life, and provides a free tool to help make an informed choice.

For more details on the methodology used by to compile this data, click here.