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For students or families who prefer a more personal experience, we offer one-on-one sessions - either 13-Week or Pay as You Go.


$2,300Breaks down to $160 per session

Pay as You Go

$190/1.75 hoursPlus a one-time $220 admissions fee

Our One-on-One programs have limited seats remaining.

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The Five Pillars of Success

If a student follows the Five Pillars of Success for the 13 weeks of their program, they will likely achieve results they currently believe impossible.


Check-in every day of the program. (Less than 30 seconds).


Send in your goals completely filled out at least 3 days per week.


Maintain an 80%
quiz score average.


Do at least 1.5 hours of prep
per day, six days per week.


Keep a find-a-way attitude towards hitting your goal score each week.

If a student is able and willing to commit to the five pillars of success, there is

no more successful program in America.

Why choose

01Proven Results

Of the students who keep the 5 pillars of success for 13 weeks:

70% achieve a 5pt increase or a 32 superscore.

49% achieve at least a 31 superscore.

30% achieve a 10pt increase or a 36 in English.

20% achieve a 36 on at least one section.


  • Customized Study Plans
  • Consistent 1:1 Interaction with Coaches
  • Weekly, Live Sessions with Coaches
  • All Coaches Scored Top 1% Personal ACT Score
  • Five Point Increase Guarantee for students who complete 13 weeks

03Course Materials

  • Engaging and Interactive Lessons
  • Montly Proctored Mock ACTs
  • Question and Quiz Banks
  • Web App User Interface
  • Official ACT Prep Guide

04Holistic Approach

  • Advanced Study Techniques
  • Life Success Skills & Philosophy
  • Diagnose Gaps and Master Grammar and Math Content
  • Master Timing and Testing Strategies
  • Character building: Can you do what you say when it gets tough?

Program Comparison

13 Week One-on-OnePay as You Go
Expected Increase5 Points1/4 to 1/2 point per week
Program Duration13-weeksFamily Choice
Where do Sessions Happen?Over ZoomOver Zoom
Money Back Guarantee?
Hours of Live One-on-One Instruction Included22.75Family Choice

When should students do this program?

We recommend students start prep as soon as they can after they complete algebra 2 and geometry. For many students, this is the summer after their sophomore year. However, most students do our program during or after their junior year.  We HIGHLY encourage students to take an official ACT prior to starting the program.

Who should do this program?

Because our one-on-one programs are completely customized to the student's needs, this program is a great fit for any student.

Are there any prior recommendations for the program?

Yes, it is highly recommended students take an official ACT prior to the start of the program. However, if they cannot do this, we do have other means of helping them get a base score.

There is about four to six hours of work for students to do PRIOR to the first day of class. This includes things they need to read, apps the need to download, doing an orientation with their coach, and preparing for a quiz that will happen on the first day of class. After you sign up, an enrollment coordinator will reach out to you to help students get all of this done. However, please budget this time to ensure the student is set up for success.

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