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Take a look at the advantages of each program and decide which one works best for your schedule and goals.

Our Objective

To be a world-class life success and leadership program for students.

The Problem

Students are rarely trained how to be successful in school and life.

The Solution

We use the ACT as a feedback mechanism to teach students how to train for anything.

ACT Prep in Knoxville

Our ACT Prep Academy (formerly known as Outlier's Advantage) is a rigorous prep program designed to help students achieve a five-point increase or greater on the ACT. We specialize in assisting students in scoring above the 30s. We built the program to train students for the ACT in a similar way to how elite athletes train for an event. Students can take the skills, methodologies, and success principles they learn in the program to achieve challenging goals in several areas of their lives.

Students learn much more than just how to get a higher ACT score. In our program, students learn advanced techniques for goal setting, top-performance mental game, performing under pressure, focusing on mastery before moving to the next step, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, embracing failure as a part of learning, time management, memorization, teaching themselves anything, thinking bigger, self-talk, and planning for success. We also rebuild grammar and math foundations, improve reading speed and comprehension, and simplify reasoning skills. Program

Our "Core" programs are going to be the best option for 80% of students. These are group cohort options that will cover all four subjects, will work on content, strategy, and timing, and will give students a greater than 70% chance of achieving a 5-point composite increase or at least a 32. The Core+ is the exact same program as the Core except it also comes with four 1.75-hour one-on-one sessions.

For students trying to achieve greater than a 5-point increase, our 31+ guaranteed year-long program is going to be the best option. There, we guarantee at least a 6-point composite increase (if starting below a 25) or at least a 31 if starting with a 25 or above.

For students who don't have 13 weeks or who only want to focus on one subject, we have our mini-programs. We offer a math month, English month, or Fast Track 5-week program that does one week of each subject and one review week. Students doing these programs can expect a two to three-point composite increase if they put in the work.

Our One-on-One options are fully customized. Students meet via Zoom during their weekly time slot with their coach. All of our One-on-One coaches have worked with more than 100 students on their ACT. If students do the 1.5 to 2 hours per day of prep between sessions, they can expect a 1/4 to 1/2 point increase per week of the program.

ACT Prep in Knoxville
One-on-OneCore & Core+31+ GuaranteedMini Courses
Expected Score Increase1/4 to 1/2 Point Per Week5 Points6+ Points2-3 Points
Class taught by a Lead Coach who has worked with more than 1,000 students on their ACT?Family
Program DurationFamily Choice13 WeeksUp to 1 Year4 or 5 Weeks
Workload1.5-2 Hours Per Day, 6 Days Per Week1.5-2 Hours Per Day, 6 Days Per Week1 Hour Per Day, 5 Days Per Week1.5-2 Hours Per Day, 6 Days Per Week
Price$220 Admission
Weekly sessions starting at $190
per 1.75 Hours Session
Starting at $959$1899Starting at $529
Full DescriptionLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
One-on-OneCore & Core+31+ GuaranteedMini Courses
When Do Live Sessions Happen?Weekly Time Slot Scheduled with CoachSunday 4-6 pm ETSunday 4-6 pm ETSunday 4-6 pm ET
Where do Sessions happen?Via ZoomOnline: Via Zoom
In-Person (Knoxville, TN only): PSCC
Online: Via Zoom
In-Person (Knoxville, TN only): PSCC
Online: Via Zoom
In-Person (Knoxville, TN only): PSCC
Custom Designed
One-on-One Orientation With
All Coaches Scored in the Top 1% on their ACT?
Dedicated Coach Available Between Sessions?
Relationship/Apprentice Based Coaching
Money Back Satisfaction
Weekly single subject at home practice tests?IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Scheduled Full Mock ACT TestsOne Per Month Available3One Per Month Available1
StructureOne-on-OneTeam BasedTeam BasedTeam Based
Content Vs. Strategy Vs. Timing FocusContent + Strategy + Timing FocusContent + Strategy + Timing FocusContent + Strategy + Timing FocusProgram Specific
Ability to Win AwardsFullFullFullPartial
Access to Our CurriculumUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Access to QuantumACTprep.com1 Year6 Months1 Year3 Months
Official ACT Prep GuideIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded

Start Dates for 2023

We recommend students start prep as soon as they can after or during the completion of algebra 2 and geometry. If students are doing our 31+ Guaranteed year-long program, they can start as early as 8th grade with no math or other requirements.

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